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Actualité Creation of research center Lyon Polymer Science & Engineering laboratory involving IMP Materials Engineering Polymers labelized Carnot

Seven industry groups and two research laboratories combine to create in Lyon Saint-Etienne, the research center Lyon Polymer Science & Engineering. The groups Arkema, Bluestar Silicones, Hutchinson, Nexans, Solvay, Toray and Total signed an agreement of privileged partnerships with the CNRS and […]

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Projet PRINT inter carnot 2015

Regenerative periodontolongy using tissue engineering […]

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Projet MHYRIAM 2015

Architecturation of the polymer layer in hybrid materials combining high stiffness and high damping […]

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Projet TROPISME inter carnot 2015

Action of the activ lipid assemblies on biotribological mechanisms: optimization of a new generation of smart meniscus implant […]

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Actualité Renault Trucks and 6 partners (such as INSA Lyon LaMCoS ) have just launched the EDIT (Efficient Distribution Truck) project, which aims to reduce distribution vehicles’ fuel consumption by 13%

Future innovation! Design and develop a refrigerated transport vehicle demonstrator with a gain of consumption by 13 % compared to Euro 6 reference distribution vehicle. Renault Trucks and six partners have just launched the EDIT (Efficient Distribution Truck) project, which aims to reduce distribu […]

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Laboratoire LMI – Multi-materials and Interfaces

LMI is a Materials Sciences and Technologies Laboratory. Our research teams carry out and produce innovative designs, syntheses, characterisations and models of molecules, materials and assemblies intended for applications in the Health, Energy and Environment sectors.35 researchers and teacher-rese […]

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Laboratoire CETHIL – Energy and Thermal Engineering

Specialised in thermal and energy engineering, CETHIL is one of the only laboratories in the world that deals continuously with such a wide range of scales of length and temperatures: from nanostructures to buildings, and from liquid helium to combustion and ice slurry. The applications of the vari […]

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Laboratoire IMP – Polymer Materials Engineering

IMP develops a specific scientific strategy by focusing on the design of macromolecular systems from the molecular scale to that of objects fulfilling functions, by incorporating formulation and shaping processes, with the capacity of developing an integrated approach throughout the value chain of p […]

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Laboratoire AMPERE – Electrical energy, Bioengineering, Systems

The scientific area covered by the laboratory includes Electrical Engineering, Automation and Environmental Microbiology. Research consists in managing and using energy rationally in systems in relation with their environment. It also includes understanding the physical phenomena involved and modell […]

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Laboratoire MATEIS – Materials, Science and Engineering

MATEIS is a materials science laboratory at the crossroads of different disciplines, notably chemistry, physics and mechanics, for applications in MedTech, Transport (aeronautics, automobiles) and Energy.MATEIS studies three classes of materials (metals, ceramics, polymers) and their composites by i […]

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